On our packaging journey, the changeover from avoidable disposable packaging is an important step. Therefore, as an alternative to the conventional ice cream cup, the original Italian ice cream will in the future also be available in an edible waffle cup. Here also, the ice cream can be refined with toppings - without the need of a cup and served with a bamboo spoon, if so desired.

The European Union law that requires restaurants and delivery services to offer reusable packaging as an alternative to certain single-use plastic packaging as of 2023 is not the only incentive for the change in packaging. It is also our personal desire to achieve a 100 percent reduction in single-use packaging.

How it works:

In addition to disposable packaging, GelatoPack also offers reusable cardboard packaging made from FSC 100% recycled corrugated cardboard. No tree has to die. The packaging can be used 3 times on average for ice cream deliveries with or without garnishing, as well as for milkshakes. The included cold packs and cups can even be reused up to fifty times.

  1. Simply specify if you choose the reusable cup when ordering.
  2. The ice cream parlor charges a deposit of 1,50€ per reusable packaging
  3. Don't worry: you will get the deposit back, of course, when returning the delivery packaging together with the empty cold pack and ice cream cup to the delivery service when getting a new ice cream or milk shake delivery, or if you return everything to the ice cream parlor at a later date. This ensures that the packaging components find their way back and can be reused.
  4. The cold pack is emptied by the customer in his household drain for hygienic reasons before returning it. The cooling liquid is, of course, harmless for people as well as the environment. The Gelateria uses UVC light to sterilize the (reusable) cardboard packaging, the cooling batteries, and the ice cream cup before refilling. This ensures that subsequent customers can feast and drink to their heart's content from the 100 percent sterilized GelatoPack boxes and cups without worry.