GelatoPack Complete Set


1 GelatoPack delivery box for 1 sundae
1 GelatoPack transport box for 2 ice cream tubs
1 ice cream cup set with three ice cream cups per size (300, 400, 500ml) *
2 ice packs for cooling ice cream tubs * - reusable
2 ice packs for cooling cream/fruit under the dome lid *
2 ice-cream cup removal aids made from corrugated cardboard *
3 dome lids to protect cream/fruit etc .

*All of the above components (ice packs etc.) fit into both the 1 and 2-pack cartons.


The GelatoPack is an innovative and sustainable refrigerated packaging solution that allows you to take ice cream - even with elaborate toppings (whipped cream, fruit, etc.,) - to work, on a picnic, to a party - without compromising on quality!

Whether you pick it up at a parlor like Häagen-Dazs or Baskin-Robbins, or make your own at home - you can enjoy your favorite ice cream sundae ... anywhere you want!

It even turns hard-frozen, tasteless ice cream from your freezer into a delicious, parlor-fresh treat after only 2 minutes - simply by bringing the ice cream down to its optimal temperature.

This packaging system keeps parlor fresh quality for at least 60 minutes at temperatures over 40°C (104°F) in the shade, and for as long as 120 minutes at lower temperatures.

It is also 100% sustainable and 100% safe for consumers, animals and the environment.

For this innovative idea, the GelatoPack was awarded the German Packaging Prize in 2022 (click the link!)


Use it at home take it anywhere!

As we've already mentioned, Ice cream colder than -16°C becomes rock hard and tasteless.

Unfortunately, that's the temperature of your freezer at home, as you can see.

But if you have the GelatoPack at home, it will fix everything.

Once you've placed your ice cream dish in the GelatoPack, it will bring the hard ice cream from the freezer (-18°C) back to its optimal temperature.

In just 2 minutes –your ice cream will taste as creamy and delicious as if you had just bought it at your nearest gelateria or ice cream parlor. You can now enjoy a perfect sundae at home or anywhere you want – at work, in your garden or on a picnic.


Or you can give it to a friend as a great gift!


Not just for ice cream!

You can also use the GelatoPack to transport milkshakes, parfaits, smoothies, and frappés anywhere - for the first time! - without loss in quality.

Take it anywhere - to the park, on a picnic, to work, to a party...

… or bring ice cream as a dessert when invited to a friend’s house for dinner.

Because whether it's for a visit to the hospital, a first date, or when you want to apologize to your loved ones, their favorite ice cream creation in the GelatoPack works just as well, if not better, than any bouquet of flowers.

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300ml, 400ml, 500ml


Single Box, Double Box


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Upper Cold Pack

Blue Cup

Transparent Frozen Cup



Below: minus degrees, above: refrigerator temperature.
Cooling and preservation of consistency for up to one hour.