German Packaging Award

Top award crowns innovative strength
the company

GelatoPack impressed the jury. The German Packaging Award is an international, cross-sector and cross-material competition and the largest European showcase of achievements in packaging.
It is held under the patronage of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 

The prize is awarded by the German Packaging Institute (DVI) - whose list of members ranges from A for Aldi to C for Coca-Cola, T for Thyssen and Z for Zott SE & Co. KG. Each year, the institute honors innovative and creative solutions ranging from seemingly small but groundbreaking details to fundamental innovations á la GelatoPack.



Federal Minister for Economy and Climate Protection

The German Packaging Award was established back in 1963 to provide impetus for innovations in this industry. It has developed into the most renowned and largest European showcase for packaging. I am very pleased about this because packaging is an indispensable component for safely supplying people and the economy with a wide range of products. Many innovations and clever solutions developed by often small and medium-sized companies ensure a consistently impressive level of safety, protection and hygiene. In recent years and decades, both packaging consumption and packaging waste have risen steadily in the process. Precisely because we cannot do without packaging in most cases, we have to find new ways. Many companies are already working intensively to avoid superfluous packaging, to enforce reusable packaging more strongly, and to return valuable raw materials contained in disposable packaging to the cycle as secondary raw materials after use. Above all, the proportion of reusable packaging is increasing. I am very grateful to industry and trade for this, and this should continue. In addition, the German government has agreed to set up a funding model to promote resource-saving and recycling-friendly packaging design and the use of recycled materials in packaging even further. This means that the pace of innovation can and should continue to increase. The starting points for design are diverse - they range from sustainability and circular economy to consumer protection, design and product presentations to economic efficiency, digitalization and machine technology. For the mail order business in particular, it is becoming increasingly important to find the right balance between product and environmental protection. I am convinced that we can look forward to many exciting and groundbreaking concepts, technologies and products again this year. It is therefore with great pleasure that I take on the patronage for the German Packaging Award 2022 and wish all participants much success thanks to captivating ideas.

By winning the GERMAN PACKAGING AWARD in the "Functionality & Convenience" category, GelatoPack has not only entered the Hall of Fame of Europe's best packaging innovations, but has also been nominated for the WorldStar of the World Packaging Organization (WPO) 2023.

What do the experts say:

Dr. Ina-Maria Becker, Sales Manager Systalen
Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH

Food delivery services are becoming increasingly important, and not just since the pandemic began. 

The problem:

Transporting ice cream creations, e.g., from the ice cream parlor to the customer, via delivery service, is currently not possible without major quality losses of ice cream, cream or toppings. Congratulations, therefore, to this sustainable delivery packaging, whose product components are not only compostable and biodegradable, but can even be used as part of the ecologically beneficial returnable, returnable and deposit system.

Reinhard Kartheininger, Head of KOLB Design/Product Development
Hans Kolb Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG

Above cooling the decoration to refrigerator temperature (3-6 degrees),
below the ice cream cooled to minus degrees.
Due to two cooling zones with different temperature, the ice cream always remains creamy tender and not as cold and tasteless as from the freezer.
And cream/fruit are pleasantly cool, but do not freeze. Ice cream in parlor fresh quality. As easy as you've ever known it from pizza delivery service. Even on the hottest days of the year and a delivery time of up to 1 hour. All aspects of sustainability are united in the GelatoPack.