The hottest day of the year, 37°C in the shade.

RTL 6 o’clock news report about delivery packaging for ice cream.

An entrepreneur from Erftstadt has developed packaging for decorated ice cream: Gelato Pack. With it, it should be possible to transport one's sundae up to one hour while keeping it cool all the way to one's home or to have it delivered. Especially impressive is the cooling system. Because ice cream needs a temperature of minus 13 degrees to stay fresh and cold. Andreas Siebrecht's cooling system achieves this. In addition, the packaging is sustainable. The cardboard box is made from recycled paper, the plastic is biodegradable, and the entire box is reusable. But Gelato Pack is still a dream of the future. Andreas Siebrecht is looking for investors.

Here you can find the video of this report.

GelatoPack GmbH has 25,000 shares at EUR 1 each, convertible loan amount e.g. EUR 100,000, term 3 years, agreed valuation discount 5%.

A further financing round takes place before the term of the convertible loan expires. In this round, GelatoPack GmbH is valued at EUR 1 million. One share therefore has a value of EUR 40 (EUR 1,000,000 / 25,000 shares = EUR 40).

The convertible lender is entitled to shares in the amount of his convertible loan, i.e. EUR 100,000. As agreed, he receives a valuation discount of 5%. Instead of EUR 40, a share therefore only costs him EUR 38. As he has to pay a nominal EUR 1 on each share as part of the capital increase, his price per share is ultimately reduced to EUR 37.

The total claim of the convertible lender (here EUR 100,000) is now divided by the price per share (EUR 37). This results in the number of shares that the convertible lender receives: in this case 2,702 shares, i.e. his pre-money shareholding is 10.81%.

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